Ceracote Technology Corporation


The better tools will be found as you go along.

‘Ceracote Technology Corporation’ is a manufacturer specializing in soldering tips for hand soldering, industrial robots, and special use. We believe firmly that many soldering-related problems can be solved with the right tips. Therefore, we are willing to show you the most suitable soldering tips only if you tell us your requests and your problems in soldering.
Based on our continued endeavors to solve various problems with our customers, we have designed and manufactured original soldering tips of tens of thousands kinds that are useful at workplace and promoted their sales since our company was established. These abundant experiences, solid performances, and various research and development taking market needs in advance have born fruit to obtain many intellectual properties and patents related to soldering tips and further to create the ‘BLACK HIGH TIP Series’, ‘SILVER HIGH TIP Series’ and ‘KOTESAKI Series’ boasting high-quality and specially-shaped soldering tips with high durability, stable thermal conductivity, and improved work efficiency.
‘Ceracote Technology Corporation’ is not content with its current position as a manufacturer boasting the biggest market share in completely customized soldering tips for industrial robots. We are committed to offering excellent tips that will be helpful in your workplace by always focusing on these small parts of tips. We are aware this has been the unchanged philosophy and mission of Ceracote Technology Corporation in manufacturing products since it was founded.
We are determined to work forward with our original intension in mind to meet the industrial and individual needs of our customers’ such as “We would like to use this kind of tip.” Thus, we are aiming at becoming a visionary company through daily strenuous efforts.

* November 18th, 2005 We obtained a patent for 'soldering tips' suitable for lead-free soldering. (Patent Number 3742425)