Ceracote Technology Corporation


The BLACK HIGH TIP Series has been developed in-house for automated industrial robotic soldering machines, boasting its completely custom-made tips with top performance. To achieve performance and durability against continued soldering work by automatic machines, black chrome, after which the series was named, is plated on top of conventional iron and hard chrome to prevent solder wicking and corrosion further. Being the highest in quality, soldering tips in the BLACK HIGH TIP Series are acclaimed as highly added-value products because of their cost-effectiveness in their durability and work efficiency. Due to the BLACK HIGH TIP Series, Ceracote Technology Corporation has got the largest share of the domestic market in producing soldering tips for industrial robots, securing a field where no competitors can excel us. We guarantee that you can improve your work efficiency, productivity and economic efficiency only by using soldering tips in the BLACK HIGH TIP Series, since these tips function as the fingers of a robot touching the most crucial solder side.