Ceracote Technology Corporation

KOTESAKI Series 一般ユーザー用/用途別特殊耐久コテ先

The KOTESAKI Series provides soldering tips for general users. They are meant for various purposes ranging from practical use to hobbies. For example, you can use them to make model railways and stained glass as well as making electronic devices on your own. In addition, you can use them as ‘branding irons’ or ‘resin molding instruments’, as is suggested for use, because of their good thermal conductivity. These suggestions bring us interesting and challenging task to work on. Our base is accumulated know-how on how to make high-quality soldering tips for industrial use. Therefore, we can respond to your inquiries of all kinds and meet your needs by selecting materials and manufacturing methods in accordance with your intended use and budget as a manufacturer specializing in soldering tips such as the BLACK HIGH TIP Series, SILVER HIGH TIP Series and conventional unplated copper tips. We are convinced that you will be delighted with the end result achieved by smooth soldering work once you use the most suitable tips of ours. We strongly hope that you will try ours and get the best results.