Ceracote Technology Corporation

SILVER HIGH TIP Series 手付け用/プロタイプセミオーダーコテ先

The SILVER HIGH TIP Series offers tips with durable plating and treatments only on a solder side for the use of hand soldering work in the electric and electronic appliances manufacturing industries. The iron plating that ensures good wettability and high durability has been achieved by our unique plating treatment method employed for as long as over 23 hours, making it possible to produce tips plated with sufficiently thick iron for hand soldering needed by soldering workers. In addition, their performance has been further enhanced by plating parts other than a solder side with hard chrome, highly wear-proof, corrosion resistant, and free from solder wettability, to prevent solder wicking. Our strength is to design and manufacture specially shaped soldering tips to meet customers’ needs. Now, our high-quality tips are playing an important role in various places, for Ceracote Technology Corporation can produce tips of various shapes for various work by bringing together all the possible technical capabilities. We accept, per order, a minimum quantity of 10 semi-customized tips of the SILVER HIGH TIP Series, special and durable and most suitable for hand soldering work.