Ceracote Technology Corporation


Our Unique Manufacturing Technology Nobody can Follow

We have long met various needs of our customers in soldering and solved variousproblems related to soldering tips as a manufacturer specializing in special soldering tips.We have analyzed, from these experiences and achievements, that ‘Stability in ThermalConductivity’, ‘Grasping Plating Characteristics’ and ‘Processing Productivity’ are thethree most important factors in designing the best soldering tips. Thus, we have beencommitted to our research and development to obtain better solutions.Based on theseresearch results and experiences, we decide on comprehensively all the factors includingmaterials, special plating, solder side treatments, coating and shapes to meet the realworking conditions before designing our products. Each tip is completed with the greatestcare by employing high technologies dubbed craftsmanship of each employee, theproperty of Ceracote Technology Corporation. Since we are managing all the phases ofdesigning, manufacturing, and selling on our own, we can have a wide range of free ideasand originalities. Our products are produced thanks to our response capabilities toremarkable developments in the electric and electronic appliances manufacturingindustries, advice and consultation, the best processes consistently painstaking fromdesigning to manufacturing, excellent technologies and strict quality control.

Our Unique Solutions.

1. The Most Suitable Materials Used.
High-quality oxygen-free pure copper (over 99.99 % purity) has made it possible to produce soldering tipswithout swelling or peeling at high temperatures due to its excellent thermal conductivity and improvedadhesion to outer plating.
2. Our Unique Iron Plating Technology.
High quality and durability have been achieved by special plating technologies uniquely developedin-house and using a rectifier with soft start function for over 23 hours to yield iron plating of the right andsufficient thickness.
3. Treatment Limited to Solder Side to Enhance Work Efficiency.
Various treatments are applied only to a solder side for stable and automated soldering work. Afterchemical polishing, super-activated flux keeps the initial condition of the solder side in good condition.
4. Enhanced Performance by Two-layered Chrome Plating.
Parts other than a solder side are plated with hard chrome for effective dewetting. In addition, the BLACKHIGH TIP Series employs black chrome plating with higher corrosion resistance to ensure solder wickingprevention further from the very initial stage of work.
5. Problems to be Solved by Two Proper Shapes.
The solder side of a tip should have the most suitable shape for each soldering work. In addition, theshapes of its edge and holder should be considered in designing to stabilize the temperature at the edge ofthe soldering tip by ‘thermal storage’.